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KAF - Khelben's Arcade Frontend

by Marco Mastroddi

KAF - Main Window
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Current Version: 1.3.8
Based on XMame: 0.104
Latest update: 13/03/2006

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KAF is a XMAME frontend for linux. It is developed in C++ language using QT toolkit version 3. You should have these libraries in your system if you want to build KAF from sources.
The available binary was compiled on a Suse 9.1 machine.

For more information you can go to the project homepage.

Download sources kaf-1.3.8-0.104.tar.gz
Download binary kaf-bin-1.3.8-0.104.tar.gz (i386)

  • Download the latest version of Xmame from the official website.
  • To filter games by categories you should have mameinfo.dat file.
  • To have snapshots, icons and more gadgets follow this link.

  • If you have found any problem with KAF please contact me by email.